3 Tips for Staging your Home

In recent years home staging has become a must for selling a house, it’s not something new but it’s something that’s becoming stronger and stronger. I want to say, hiring a professional will always be better, but if you’re short on budget we can share a couple tips that can help you out with staging your home:


  • Lights, Camera & Actions:
    • If a space is dark, you can add mirrors. Mirrors will multiply the light coming in.
  • Build on Strengths:
    • Make sure to highlight the strengths of your place and show them! Is it a big window facing a park? Is it the floor on the stairs? Identify what makes your house great and stage everything to highlight it.
  • Neutral Colors:
    • Sticking to neutral colors will allow potential buyers to visualize how they would want things to look more easily than if you have green, orange and purple just in one couch! And if you do…don’t worry! You can still stage a colorful place, just make sure that the colors “make sense” and that they complement each other.


First impressions matter! You always want to set things to your favor and make the most of each and every strength your house has to offer! Let me help you with that! Give me a call so we can get everything ready for the showings!  +1 (714) 315 – 0783

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