Does Home Inspection Really Matter?

Only if you are buying a brand new house (because most of the times they come with guarantees) you should always take in consideration an expert’s opinion…specially if it’s the place where you and your loved ones are going to live.

Not only will the expert will be there to spot the things you don’t know to look for, for example:

  • Signs of water damage.
  • Or check the insulation in the attic.
  • Are those cracks in the foundation a big deal?
  • Are there any leaks?
  • Do all the switches work?


If there are conditions that will need a repair, you may be able to negotiate them with the seller…it will be worth your investment! Whether the seller drops the price or you’ve just saved yourself from hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs, you’ll be relieved at the end of the day!

Buying a house is a big financial commitment, thinking to save a couple bucks from the inspection may end up costing you way more…but you can prevent it! Teaming up with an expert can increase your odds of getting the house of your dreams! Call me now!  +1 (714) 315 – 0783

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