How to Decide Among Multiple Offers

Let’s be honest here…this is the dream for every seller, having multiple offers for your house! And now you just have to pick one and the job is done, sounds easy right? Unfortunately it’s not…There are a couple things you need to consider:


  • Details on the offer:
    • Choosing the right offer is more than just the money, we want to make sure that we’ll choose the best buyer with the best terms. Think about this:
      • Is there any cash on the table?
      • What’s the closing date?
      • Have the buyers and their agent been responsive and communicative with you or your agent?
    • Is there a list of demands?
      • A long list of contingencies from the buyer may be a sign of trouble…This may mean more work for you, and not only that, it can delay everything…
    • Are all the buyers for real?
      • Maybe you’ve just found a new best friend but you have to be certain that they’re qualified to buy…You’ll need:
        • Pre-approval letter confirming financing.
        • Proof of funds.
        • Verified information with the lender.


These are the most important things that we know CAN help you decide between multiple offers. Let me be the person who helps you closing the deal and get everything ready for you! Call me!  +1 (714) 315 – 0783

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