Top Things you Should KNOW before you Buy a House

Buying a house is a long term commitment most of the times, so you have to be sure you are buying THE house for you! That’s why I want to share with you a couple of things you should love before you buy a house:


  • Surroundings:
    • Remember…this is where you are going to live! Whether is on your own for now or with your loved ones, so, what’s around you matter! Take in consideration what’s within walking distance? Shops, restaurants, public transport, parks. Having amenities within walking distance can boost the quality of your life!
  • Roads:
    • How easy is to get to your new home? Are there any freeway nearby? Or main roads? It’s always important to take this into consideration so you can also know what’s your driving time to your work or to your office.
  • Size:
    • Think long-term! Size does matter…if you’re on your own (for now), always think long-term, if you’re in a relationship, consider room for the kids or even for pets! The ideal property is the one that fits your current situation but offers room for growth or change.
  • Look Beyond the Paint:
    • We’ve all been to a house that has that one room that we can’t stop thinking about changing, the color, this or that…Most of the times it’s quite inexpensive to fix cosmetic issues, but the things that we should always look first are the kitchen and the bathrooms, these ones are the expensive ones…and if you already want to change them, ask yourself 2 things 1) Is it really necessary? 2) Can you afford it? This doesn’t mean you should give up on a house that may need significant fixes, but have the cost in consideration.
  • Price:
    • Price of the house has to be according the area where is located.


These are some of the things that you should love before buying a house, but before all of this you need to have all of your needs clear so you know what’s going to be really important for you! Let me help you making sure all of your needs are being met! Give me a call!  +1 (714) 315 – 0783

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